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We're a free mobile learning website, designed to be fast & focused on simplicity of content. Have FUN! Learn!.

Physical Science Grade 12 Syllabus

Use this link to access the complete Physical Science Grade 12 Syllabus.


Mathematics Grade 12 Syllabus

Use this link to access the complete Mathematics Grade 12 Syllabus.



Explore the wide range of exemplars and past papers PDFS using our DualView Feature.


Library of Books

There are books always being added to our oinline library on a diverse range of subjects, all written by our users. We hope you find what you're looking for.


Stacks of tutorials

Plenty of tutorials for all students to undertake, with the answers generated at your finger tips.


Loads of Tests

Want to practice all the work you have been learning? Why dont you give our Tests a try.


Word Pick

Practice your multiple choice questions on the go with our simple WordPick. Careful not to get insulted


PDF Library

Search our PDF library for an assortment of notes and other educational content that our users have uploaded.



Post questions toe the EWriter community through the forum. Or maybe answer any questions if you think you can help out.


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Be on the look out as we are always updating the way we do things.
We are always simplifying the tools at your disposal, making it simpler, faster and easier to make your work stand out and more vibrant.
The website is coded for mobile use especially, including an App for connecting easier, that also connects to all our content and creations.

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The website is coded for mobile use especially, including an App for connecting easier, that also connects to all our content and creations.
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Company Achievements

EWriter receives Microsoft Award. Top 10 Partners in Learning Innovative Teacher Forum Awards.

What do I do on

Book Library

All our books are created by users like yourself to better streamline the learning process. The Books are created on the site in a digital book format, stored on your profile that can be edit at your leisure, in private or while its live. Information can continually be updated and kept track of for students using this method. Students will never again have to worry about having out of date work.

Tutorial Library

The tutorials function as a way to fully know if you have understood your work. Going through these using other educational content can help you fully understand your work. Aswell as the books, tutorials can be linked to YouTube videos for further and deeper explanations to go along with any work you are going through.

Test and Quiz Library

Short multiple choice Test sheets and test packs are available with detailed explanations for each answer that you can go through. Each tests mark is stored and through this you can track your progress and whether or not you are learning your work.

PDF Library

Exemplars and writtem texts, aswell as past papers have been uploaded, and will continue to be uploaded regularly to ensure that students have the best possible notes, similar types of exam questions and formats that will help ensure they are fully prepared for the upcoming exams.


Our unique PDF split view design, called DualView, provides students with a way to learn on screen, with two pdfs concurrently. The Question paper on one side, and the answer, memo pdf, on the other side. The result is no more keeping of messy papers, upon papers. Everything is neatly setup for you to learn efficiently, with the answers at your finger tips.

Why register?

Its very simple to register, the reason being content can be stored on your profile for fast and effecient use. It gets cluttered keeping dozens of books in your backpack, now you can keep them in your pocket. Other reasons are that you can follow your favourite Authors or teachers, join a classroom or even create learning material on for others. You can message other students or authors about any questions or revisions you may have, or join of Forum discussion group where people ask and answer questions which probably you have seen, or will come across soon enough.

Teachers and Students

Create all you want, write as much as you can, but be careful to be clear and concise. Students can just as easily fall asleep infront of a boring screen instead of a boring text book.

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What we offer

We believe that apps and websites should not only be eye catching but actually provide a great user experience that users will remember.

  • 100% Responsive Layout

    Of course! What did ya think? Yep, our content is responsive to your device, whether youre at a computer or after having taking your siblings phone without them knowing. You will be able to view everything clearly and vibrantly.

  • Clean HTML5 and CSS3

    Yes, we using only the latest tech. Smooth and efficient design makes this a pleasure to use. This enables us to show PDFS in DualView, even on a mobile device so you can spot learn whether in bed or on the go and you need to check up on that one question nagging at the back of your head.

  • Interactive Elements

    Yeah, yeah! The content herein is interactive. Obviously. So click away, but be careful, the colours are bright but be sure to read your work carefully, answer efficiently and dont take the insults on WordPick to heavily.

  • Advanced Features

    Let me think now, yes advanced features! DualView is nice, especially now we have enabled it for mobile usage, on the website and via the App aswell. But those WordPicks, nice and efficient insults waiting to be discovered. My word!

  • Easy Parallax

    Kinda scrolls nicely too! Each page tries to give a unique feel and look so not to get boring to easily, well its education, theres only so much colour you can add. If theres any improvements, suggestions or implementations you would like please dont hesitate to tell use right away.

  • Light Interface

    Everything is light and quick, and bright. Hope you enjoy it, we work very tiredly to bring you everything you could want to improve your chances of getting that top tier scores in school Gooduck boys and girls!.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us on our email, or forum postings!